Administrative Data Systems Training

Free workshops and web-based courses to enhance your expertise with data systems

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Training Requirements & Formats

Welcome to our Banner, AppWorx, & Data Warehouse training site. Our workshops and web-based courses are completely free for the OSU community and are designed to help you access and navigate the data systems used in your work at OSU.

If your work requires access to Banner and/or other administrative data systems, you will need to complete the required training and pass the associated Blackboard-delivered test. If you already have access to Banner and have not completed the required training, you will have two months to complete the training to retain your Banner access.

We offer three types of trainings.

  • Workshops are classroom-based, instructor-led sessions that require pre-registration.
  • Computer-Based Trainings (CBTs) are web-based, self-paced, interactive trainings that you may complete over a series of sessions, if you wish. CBTs require pre-registration and have a graded Blackboard-delivered test required for access.
  • Web-Delivered Tutorials (WDTs) are interactive web-based trainings designed to enhance your expertise. They do not result in additional system access. WDTs do not require pre-registration and there is no graded test.

Administrative Data Systems Access Requirements

Access to any of the Banner, Data Warehouse, and Web Advising systems requires that:

  • We have reviewed and approved your Banner Request for Access form, and
  • We have your signed Confidentiality and Policies statement on file, and
  • You have successfully completed the training required to access that system.

Request systems access now if you haven't already. It can take several days to create an account and grant access, so please submit the forms as early as you can. Please email the request for access form to

If you have any questions about the status of your access to Banner, Data Warehouse, or other OSU Administrative Systems, email

Disability Accommodations

Requests for accommodations related to a classroom disability are to be made to the Oregon State University Disability Access Services (DAS) office at 541-737-4098 at least five work days prior to the workshop. Information about requesting classroom assistance can be found at the DAS web site.

Cancellation Policy

Workshop instructors have the option of canceling any workshop with less than 5 registrants. Off-campus staff or faculty registered for the workshop will be taken into consideration. Registered participants will be notified by ONID email or by phone for any status change in their workshop.