Videoconferencing allows individuals or groups in multiple locations to interact and share information via two-way audio and video. Selecting the right videoconferencing solution rests on following three criteria.


Your audience's location and composition influences the solution that best fits your needs.

  • Will your event include a local audience?

    • If yes, you will need to reserve a room that accommodates your local audience and provides the right conferencing equipment for your event.

    • If no, you may be able to originate the conference from your office using a desktop conferencing solution or reserve a smaller videoconferencing room.

  • Where is the remote audience located?

    • If your remote audience consists of groups of participants located at selected sites, then scheduling videoconferencing rooms at various locations may fit your needs.

    • If your audience consists of individuals at many locations, then a webinar may be best.

Presentation Requirements

Videoconferencing options offer a range of audio and visual systems to successfully present and distribute information to the remote audience and to support interaction. Production tools may include cameras, microphones, and presentation software.

  • A webinar is an effective tool to deliver a computer presentation to participants at their desks.

  • Room videoconferencing is effective for delivering media-rich presentations to audiences at selected locations.

Interaction With Participants

The level of interaction and audience participation impacts conferencing tools and production levels. If interaction is not required, it is less expensive to record the event and post online for later on-demand viewing.

  • If the event or class requires full video and audio interaction among groups and rooms, then room videoconferencing is the best solution.

  • A webinar typically allows the audience to submit questions either by text or by audio/video interaction.

  • If the event only requires the opportunity to submit written questions to a presenter, then a live stream may be appropriate.