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Focuses on the basic elements of using the OSU Drupal 7 Content Management System (CMS) including:

  • Logging in
  • Navigation and Dashboards
  • Working with OSU Profiles
  • Creating simple book pages, exploring the text editor, and creating links
  • Privacy settings

This workshop is slow-paced, interactive, and geared toward beginning Drupal users.

Come test drive some of the new features Central Web Services has created for use with OSU Drupal 7.

Covers a variety of topics including:

  • OSU Brand Guidelines
  • Accessibility
  • Google Advanced Search and properly citing your work
  • Digital image mechanics, quality, and processing using Pixlr
  • Using Drupal's Media Module
  • Body layout with images and text
  • Using your media in several of the different features provided in OSU Drupal 7

Have a group to manage?  Come in and learn about what it takes to manage an OSU Drupal group!

In this workshop you'll learn about:

  • Group Setup
  • Member Management
    • Add New Members
    • Member Operations
      • Change Roles
      • Change Status
      • Remove Users

Come visit your CWS and InterComm web professionals and let us help you strategize and build your website!

Training Documentation
  • Provides step-by-step instruction in the use of core and contributed modules included in the OSU Drupal 7 distribution.

  • Provides step-by-step instruction in the use of core and contributed modules included in the OSU Drupal 6 distribution.

  • Want a copy of a slide set used in a Drupal workshop? Visit our list of materials to get it.

  • A filterable collection of specific answers to common support questions.

Other Resources
  • The Drupal Community at Oregon State University is widespread and varied across our campus. Visit our Drupal Community website for information on our next meeting and how you can be involved.

  • Have a question or information that you want to toss out to community members? Join the Web Communicator's Slack group!

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Training Documentation
  • A large collection of training documentation covering the various systems that CWS supports.

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