Technology and information occupy a critical role in a 21st century university and are an essential part of developing greater efficiencies in institutional and administrative functions. Greater accountability, enhanced expectations of a current generation, and growth in the development, management, and delivery of digital resources point to the expanding role that big data, analytics, and information technologies provide as a strategic and enabling asset.

The university’s top goals for technology and data within Strategic Plan 3.0:

  • Ensure that relevant information is widely shared and strategically used to make effective decisions and measure progress toward achieving university goals.
  • Invest in information technology to enable educational innovation while enhancing a collaborative and engaged learning environment.
  • Implement highly efficient administrative processes to enhance the quality of service and improve productivity.

Information Services will enable this by:

  • Providing services and technology that evolve with the needs of the 21st century learners, instructors, researchers and workers
  • Using best practices and standards for the provision of technology and services
  • Leading the governance of technology investments and decisions in a participative and strategic way
  • Partnering with the university community to make information and technology available, accessible, and reliable to support the university's mission
  • Being a center of excellence for information and technology vision and knowledge


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