TAC's Mission: To help faculty and staff succeed at improving educational quality.

Technology Across the Curriculum (TAC) is founded in the recognition that information technology (IT) holds a critical role in all areas of academic life. Technology is not the primary concern of most disciplines, yet it is impractical to pursue research, scholarship, teaching and learning in the 21st century without adequate IT skills. TAC seeks to raise the level of IT proficiency at OSU systemically. We pursue this aim by focusing on aspects of technology that cut across the disciplines; techniques and tools which operate across the curriculum.

Like a polished gem, IT at OSU has many facets. Needs for the various departments vary widely and individual instructors make choices based on what they know to be most important to learners. It simply will not do to assert a common prescription and a single solution to all of these needs. At the same time, we see that common technologies such as the web, databases, email, digital imagery, web 2.0 applications, and presentationware do have fundamental principles which guide effective tool users. The intended results of our program are more effective use of time and resources, stronger knowledge creation and communication, more effective teaching and learning, and greater satisfaction in work done well. If any of these outcomes coincide with academic aims, consider working with TAC to increase your IT proficiency.

Please visit the TAC website to use our Flash-based GEMS (turn on your audio) and other educational resources. Your feedback is critical to us and we hope to hear from you this academic year.


All members of the TAC team seek innovative uses of technology to aid learners and teachers. We welcome suggestions about such innovations from faculty, staff, and students.


TAC partners with OSU programs in order to design and implement uses of technology and multimedia for specific educational objectives.


Our workshops and seminars are open every term to OSU faculty and staff at no cost. A variety of educational technologies are covered including Blackboard, Clickers, and Powerpoint. The types of learning opportunities range from demonstrations to collaborative development. In all cases of TAC training, the primary objective is to advance the quality uses of technology for teaching and learning; educational objectives come first. If you wish to see a specific educational technology or educational technique covered, please let us know.


TAC maintains the TAC Lab (115A Waldo Hall) which provides equipment, software, and expertise to faculty and staff. See the TAC Lab section.

TAC team members assist faculty and staff with issues related to Blackboard, Clickers, Powerpoint, Photoshop, and Acrobat. Support opportunities include on-site, phone, email consultation. Many issues with these technologies may be quickly resolved through the Computing Consulting Desk. For assistance with the pedagogical aspects of these technologies, contact TAC.


TAC's major goal is to advance information technology proficiencies across the entire institution. The key outcome of this goal show up in improvements in student learning and faculty/staff capabilities. A vital aspect of the TAC program is to collect data that measures the effects of educational technology use.