Banner 9 is also known as Banner XE.  “XE” stands for Extensible Ecosystem.  The idea that Ellucian is trying to convey with this name, is that Banner 9 is designed with “extensions” in mind.  Once we have all of OSU’s custom changes converted over to XE, we should (in theory) never have to re-apply these changes in future Banner migrations.  Our Banner “extensions” will carry over automatically.

Banner 9 deployments were completed as of January 1, 2019.  We are now working on the implementation of the Banner 9 Self-Service.  Ellucian plans to continue releasing new self-service functionality through the first quarter of 2020 and OSU expects to have all Banner 9 Self-Service applications installed by the end of calendar year 2021.  OSU will work to implement new Banner 9 Self-Service functionality as it is released to take advantage of the improved user interface and streamlined design.  During this transition, some functionality will be available in Self-Service 8 and some functionality will be access via Self-Service 9.

Expected Completion Dates

Subject to change

Faculty Attendance Tracking: Deployed
Faculty Grade Entry: Deployed
General My Profile: Deployed
Employee Dashboard: Pending
Student Advisor Student Profile: Sept 2019
Student Financial Aid: Jan 2020
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