The following instructions are for OSU system Users

To request access to OSU Administrative Data Systems, including Banner, Data Warehouse, OnBase and Nolij, please download and complete the Request for Access form. We update this form when new software is implemented, so please make sure you have the latest version. Please note that your form will be returned, unprocessed, unless:

  • All information at the top of Page 1 is complete. Be sure to include and verify the required fields of University ID, Org Code, and Position Number are accurate.
  • A valid Department/Unit Authorized Signer has signed Page 2 by hand, or if using DocuSign, then the primary oregonstate email address must be used for the recipients.
  • The employee has signed Page 3 by hand, or if using DocuSign, then the primary oregonstate email address must be used for the recipients.

Requests for new users OR for users changing to a new department must include a completed and signed Request for Access form in PDF format.

Requests to change access levels for SIS CORE Reports, please use the CORE Access Review.

Please remember to enroll for any of the required Banner, Data Warehouse, and FERPA classes.

Signatures / Approvals

  • Department/Unit Authorized Signers: attest that the employee's job duties require the requested access.
  • OSU Record Custodians: consider requests and grant access based on business need.

Where to Send Your Form

  • Via Workflow, for request initiators who have Banner Workflow access, log into Workflow and select My Processes / Security Access Request. For assistance setting up the process, email [email protected] and include your name and phone number.
  • Via email, send completed forms in PDF format to: [email protected].
  • Via DocuSign, send a cc to the Signing Group named IS Banner Access.

Eligibility Requirements

Access to any OSU Data System is approved and granted by the appropriate OSU record custodian of the system, or their designated representative, as per University Policy 08-005 Acceptable Use of Computing Resources. The following requirements have been set by the OSU records custodians documented in the Acceptable Use of University Information Policy.

  • OSU faculty and staff (all systems) and OSU temporary staff (FIS and SIS systems only) are granted targeted access to the Data Systems that are required for the performance of their job duties.
  • OSU temporary staff and graduate research assistants seeking HRIS data access: the hiring Department/Unit must obtain written pre-approval for access from the Chief Human Resources Officer prior to hiring for the position. Access is granted only when unusual circumstances exist, as departments are expected to provide back-up assistance from regular staff on duties requiring HRIS Banner, Data Warehouse, or Nolij access. Access will be considered for a limited time to returning OSU retirees if duties on the temporary assignment are similar to those performed prior to retirement.
  • Student employees and Non-OSU employees may be granted limited access with approval from the appropriate OSU record custodian; their accounts will be activated with a specific expiration date. This group of employees is ineligible for any HRIS data access.

Enabling and Terminating Access

Enterprise Computing Services (ECS) will enable access based on the signed request form for the OSU Banner Information Systems, including Banner, Data Warehouse and Nolij. Access to these systems will be terminated based on (a) separation from the university, (b) change in job duties recorded in the HRIS system, or (c) instructions from Department/Unit heads. ECS will affirm access with Department/Unit heads as still appropriate to meet business needs every 6 months.

Access to the CORE reporting system is automatically granted and terminated based on job function as documented in the HRIS system. The Business Intelligence Center may modify access based on a manual review of job duties.