DEVL and DEV2 are used at OSU as the development instances that contain different versions of Banner for training, testing, and modifying Banner to meet OSU's specific needs:

  • One of the DEVx instances contains a current copy of PROD, and is identified as the "current instance" below. That instance is available to users for exploration, testing, and training.
  • The DEVx instance either contains an older version and is not available, or when the next version is released by SunGard SCT, it will contain the next version and will be used for testing and debugging by Enterprise Computing Services and the core offices.

The development instances contain some data that has been copied from PROD, but the names and IDs have been scrambled to protect people's privacy. Other data has been specifically created or has been manipulated so that it can be used for testing.

Please do not change any data related to people whose last names in the test data are followed by a "-" and an upper case set of letters. These upper case letters are there to indicate that this data is being used by a specific area of Banner for testing. You are welcome to create test data for your own use. Please be aware of confidentiality issues and do not include any data that could identify a specific real person.

Many validation tables are copied from PROD periodically so that the development instance contains the same values as are used in production.


Access to the development instance is available through individual user IDs and passwords that are set up specifically for DEVx access. To receive a DEVx ID and password, fill out a Banner & Data Warehouse Request for Access form, add the word "DEVx", to this form. If you have questions, please email [email protected]

DEV2 Logins

PPRD Logins (data copied from PROD on 23-MAY-2023 )

DEVL Logins (no osu modifications )

ACT Service Request System Login: System Requests