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Banner 9 Migration Info


Banner 9 is also known as Banner XE.  “XE” stands for Extensible Ecosystem.  The idea that Ellucian is trying to convey with this name, is that Banner 9 is designed with “extensions” in mind.  Once we have all of OSU’s custom changes converted over to XE, we should (in theory) never have to re-apply these changes in future Banner migrations.  Our Banner “extensions” will carry over automatically.

While that’s good news for the future, getting our custom changes moved into XE in the first place is going to be a long, difficult process that we don’t expect to finish until the end of 2018. We apologize in advance for any glitches that may occur during this conversion process.

Expected Completion Dates

Subject to change

Fin Aid: Aug 2017
HR: Feb 2018
AR: Aug 2018
Student: Aug 2018
Finance: Sep 2018
General: Dec 2018

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