Sometimes “Basic Training” means more than learning about specific administrative software. It could be as basic as understanding operating systems and software for your workstation. Workshops, training videos, and other resources supporting your workstation can be found on training pages for Central Web Services (CWS), Community Network (CN), and Technology Across the Curriculum (TAC). These are the other training sites listed on the Training tab of the Information Services navigation bar at the top of these pages.

The administrative data systems training listed on this page does not directly result in access, or in additional access. Here you will find two types of training:

  • Basics Courses are introductory level trainings that focus on how to navigate the software. It is expected that you understand and have experience in this prerequisite material before enrolling in training for SIS, HRIS, or FIS. If you have a working knowledge of the materials covered in the "Basics" workshop or CBTs, they are optional.
  • Tutorials are navigational training for software that does not require training for access.

Course List