Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Heather Riney
Office of Human Resources
Friday, May 10, 2019

Benny Hire is a project within the Office of Human Resources and IT which will streamline hourly undergraduate student and graduate assistant hiring processes.  

Key Components of Benny Hire:

  • Banner, Nolif and PeopleAdmin integration
  • New hire process tracking and dashboards
  • User-friendly request form built with business logic for the hiring supervisor or designee
  • Routing for budget verification, as needed
  • Upload of applicant information from recruitment system (for hourly undergraduate student appointments only)
  • Eligibility verification and workflows
  • Distribution of CHC/MVHC email and/or forms using DocuSign
  • Creation of offer letter and work assignment forms tha can be routed and signed via DocuSign (for graduate assistant appointments only)
  • Facilitation and distribution of hiring paperwork using DocuSign
  • Phased growth and approach starting with graduate assistant, hourly undergraduate and graduate assistant change process 
Status Summary: 

We conducted in person help sessions for Benny Hire-GA in anticipation of summer appointments.  Support continues but the helpdesk is seeing a decline in the number of issues to assist users with in the past month.

The Benny Hire Project Team is activvely working on the development of the hourly student employment solution.  Our team created and reviewed a detailed development tracking sheet to identify the technical work, including user interface, APIs, integration and DocuSign packets that will be necessary to complete the full workflow.  Two user training/testing sessions have been conducted thus far on the posting request form and workflow.  


Recently Completed: 
  • Benny Hire-GA in classroom help sessions
  • Ongoing fixes and user support
  • User testing/training for the hourly student posting request form and workflow



What's Next: 
  • PeopleAdmin integration and interfaces to capture the applicant data being returned
  • Hire request form and user training/testing in May-June
  • Drafting a communication update for the university community