Student Computing Facilities

Computing labs and virtual computing for the OSU community

Please Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the computers in the Milne lab have been incorporated into a remote-access virtual lab. 

Instructions for the virtual lab can be found here:

Milne Computer Lab currently has the following computers available for in-person use:

  • 10 Windows
  • 7 iMac

The remainder of the Windows computers have been converted to virtual use.



Quick Facts about the Milne Student Computer Lab

  • About 100 computers available for student use. 
  • See this page to activate your ID card for evening/weekend access.
  • A variety of software is available to allow you to work on homework and other school-related projects.
  • Monochrome and color Beaverprint printers are available.
  • There is also open table space to accommodate group work.
  • Located in the basement of Milne Computer Center (across the quad from the Valley Library)

Other Campus Labs Services


How to book a computer classroom:

The OSU Schedule Desk schedules the computer classrooms.  To schedule your class in one of these rooms, contact whomever does the scheduling for your college.

Special Requirements

We may be able to accommodate special requests for our computer classrooms. 


Campus Labs provides the following services.