Last Updated: August 2007

The Student Computing Facilities are operated with as much flexibility as possible to provide the maximum benefit to the greatest number of users. To assist us in achieving this goal, we require that users of our facilities follow the policy outlined in this document.

Note: Please read this policy statement thoroughly. By using this facility, the user agrees to abide by all rules and regulations set forth in this document and Oregon State University's Acceptable Use Policy. Ignorance of the information contained within these documents is not an excuse for failing to adhere to facility policy. All users who violate Facility Policy will be dealt with in a manner consistent with the guidelines set forth in section 3 "General Rules and Conditions".

Only the Facility Manager is allowed to make exceptions to this policy.

1) Admittance

This Facility is for use by people that fit one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Currently registered OSU/ELI students
  2. OSU Staff and Faculty
  3. Students who have been admitted to OSU as part of the LBCC-OSU Dual Admission program and have purchased the student fee package. Other LBCC students are not included.
  4. A valid OSU account is required to use the facility. Visitors should make arrangements with their sponsors to obtain an account.

2) Responsibility of Facility Consultants

The primary responsibilities of the consultants are as follows:

  1. Assist, to a reasonable extent, with user's hardware and software difficulties.
  2. Provide assistance in educating users on Facility Policy and in the use of supplied hardware and software.
  3. Notify security if a user is abusing the facility, its equipment, fellow users, or facility employees.

Consultants are NOT to assist users with homework.


3) General Rules and Conditions

Users must adhere to the following rules and conditions. Failure to do so will result in a warning and/or loss of facility privileges for a period to be determined by the staff of this facility. Users will be held accountable for any damages they cause to the facility and/or its equipment.

3.1 Usage

  1. Users are NOT to abuse fellow users, the facility, its staff, nor its equipment.
  2. Eating, drinking, and the use of tobacco products are strictly prohibited in the computing areas.
  3. Users asked to checkout of their machines have 5 minutes to do so.
  4. Users are allotted 2 hours of computer, software, and manual use. More time is allowed as long as there is no waiting list.
  5. Computers will NOT be left unattended for more than 15 minutes. Such action will result in the user being checked out immediately.
  6. No animals, except guide dogs, will be allowed in the facility.
  7. Any person disrupting the operation of this facility will be required to leave the facility.
  8. Students have priority over faculty/staff use.
  9. Game Policy.
  10. Multimedia Policy.
  11. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

3.2 File Storage

  1. The Staff of this facility bear no responsibility over user files. They will not be protected nor maintained.
  2. Users will provide their own media.
  3. Users are encouraged to use their ONID account for their file storage needs.

3.3 Printing

Please refer to the Printing Policy

3.4 OSU Policy on Unauthorized Copying of Copyrighted Software

The primary responsibility for protection of licensed software rests with the purchaser, whether OSU or a faculty member, of that software. All users have a personal responsibility to control and protect the software package from misuse. Supervisors should assure that users under their direction have been informed of University policy. Users must personally ensure that no unauthorized copies of licensed software are made.

Copies are not to be made for use at home, for sale, for trade, or for gifts to others. Individuals who make unauthorized copies of licensed software, or who allow such copies to be made, will be subject to regulations pertaining to theft or misuse of University property. Absolutely no copying or duplication of copyrighted software will be permitted.