Note: this information applies to employees in CN-supported departments only. For students needing a loaner laptop, please see:

Computer loaners

The Service Desk will provide loaner laptops to Community Network customers when needed and depending on availability. Loaner computers are intended for short term loans (typically from a day to a few weeks). We usually have PC and Mac laptop loaners.

CN Loaners are generally provided in the following circumstances:

  • When waiting on repair or replacement of a malfunctioning computer
  • When waiting for a new computer to arrive and be configured
  • Telecommuting for a temporary period of time, such as when recovering from surgery.

When configuring a loaner computer, Service Desk staff will configure the operating system and commonly used software such as Office. We may not be able to accommodate all software or configuration requests such as additional monitors. Loaners are generally not high-performance computers and may not be appropriate for all use cases.