Remote Access to CN Resources

Use the links below to access CN services from remote.

MyCN for Remote Access to Files

MyCN is a web-based tool for accessing files on your CN-Home and CN-Share network paths (also commonly referred to as the "P" and "S" drives). VPN is not required to access MyCN from off-campus. 

For more information, see: MyCN - Access CN Files Remotely

Access OSU Voicemail Settings

To get started with the OSU voicemail system, see: Voicemail - Quick Guide for First-Time Use

For more information about accessing your voice mail via email, the phone interface, or the web, see: Voicemail - Listen to Voicemail Messages

Access Exchange Email

For web-based access to your Exchange email, see:

For most CN customers, you will login as: [email protected]

Student employees who use Exchange will login as: [email protected]

Change my CN Password

Most CN customers use an ONID account and should change their password at

If you have a "CN account" in the CN domain or the CN delegated ONID space, you can change your password via MyCN

If you don't remember your CN password, please contact the Service Desk for assistance.