Remote Access to CN Resources

Welcome to MyCN. Using MyCN, you can access your Community Network (CN) email, home directory, shared directory, and change your password from any location in the world.

An Improved MyCN

If you have used MyCN to access your Home or Shared directories in the past you will notice a major difference in the service with a new interface and significant improvements in usability.

We made the transition to a browser based file manager that integrates with our current server structure to allow quick and easy access to files from off campus. The improvements include:

  • A browser based solution that does not require installation or set-up.
  • An interface with a layout similar to Windows Explorer or Mac OS X Finder.
  • A multiplatform solution (PC, Mac, tablets, phones) which improves device support.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and local text editors.
  • The ability to generate links that allow download of files by off campus collaborators.

If you have any questions about using MyCN, you may submit a help request.

What would you like to do today?

Access My Home Directory Map Drive Icon or Department's Shared Directory Network Icon

(These directories are also referred to as "P:" or "F:" drive for Home and "S:" drive for Shared)

Web Browser Access
Accessing the Home and Shared directories via the web is possible utilizing all major browsers and works on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. Just follow the steps below:

  • Launch the web connection in your preferred browser.
  • Login with your ONID username and password.  If you are using a non-unified account, login with your CN username and password.
  • If you need assistance using the interface, please see our additional instructions.

Alternate Mobile Device Access

While the interface can be accessed via the native browser on most mobile devices some users may wish to utilize a free mobile app to streamline the experience. The mobile apps can be downloaded to your smart phone or tablet from the following locations:

Once you have the app installed see the set-up instructions for Android and Apple devices.

Access My EmailEmail Icon

Click here to access your Email while you are off-campus! This will give you complete access to the Email messages that are stored in your Inbox, as well as your calendar and more! This will NOT give you access to Personal Folders that are stored on your computer at work.

Note: The Basic Client interface provides a faster, leaner interface.  This is the recommended interface for dial-up users and others with slower internet connections.

Note: Don't forget to put CN\UserName if you can't login!

Access My OSU Voicemail Settings

This link will take you to the Outlook Web App (OWA) login page. Once you're logged in, go to Options to modify your voicemail settings.

Change My CN PasswordChange Password Icon

You can now change your Community Network Password by logging into webmail at Please follow the instructions on changing your password and choose a password that meets or exceeds our security requirements, and you will have a brand new password!