We work closely with OSU Surplus Property to follow the OSU Policy on Disposal of Data Storage Equipment. All equipment with physical storage capability (desktop and laptop computers, external hard drives, flash drives, CD/DVDs, etc.) must be sanitized by us before sending the equipment to OSU Surplus. The sanitization process eliminates retrieval of potentially sensitive information and/or copyrighted software.

Note: this service is provided to Community Network customers only.

Please follow these instructions to submit a surplus request for computer equipment:

  1. Submit the surplus request form.
  2. The Service Desk will contact the requestor to arrange pick-up of the equipment.
    • Off-campus customers: please make arrangements to drop off your computer equipment with us in Milne Computer Center room 201. 
  3. The Service Desk will wipe all physical storage media and send the equipment to surplus.
    • Each item sent to surplus will include an index for department credit and a Certification of Readiness for Sale form. 

For more information on Surplus Property or to surplus non-computer equipment, please visit surplus.oregonstate.edu.