February 6th

Community Network is aware that Apple has recently released the OS X 10.10.2 update for Yosemite which, among other things, is intended to address multiple issues ranging from wireless and Bluetooth connectivity to overall stability and security issues. Overall reviews of the new release have been mixed at best, and there are numerous reports that the above-mentioned issues have not been fully resolved in the 10.10.2 update. For these reasons, Community Network will continue to block the installation of Yosemite at this time.

To be clear, Community Network is aware that the issues that have been reported to exist in Yosemite do not exist on all Mac computers that have Yosemite installed on them. In fact, the pattern of machines that are affected appears to be completely random. We understand that some customers may already be using personal Mac computers successfully that do have Yosemite installed on them and have a desire for continuity and consistency of experience between their work and personal devices, and we are trying to strike a balance between preventing support incidents and providing our customers with an ideal computing experience.

At this time, we will remove the installation block if a customer has a clear business need to install or test with Yosemite. We also will remove the block on Yosemite for those customers that wish to have a consistent experience between their personal and work machines. However, customers need to understand that there is a risk associated with installing Yosemite that Community Network has no control over. Because there are no guaranteed fixes for the issues that appear in Yosemite, the likely course of action would be to rebuild the affected machine and revert it back to OS X Mavericks (10.9.5).

These are the issues that Community Network is tracking and most concerned about:

Loss of wireless connectivity – Wireless connections on OS X Yosemite may randomly drop, and in some cases, stop working altogether. There are many suggested "fixes" that address the various wireless connectivity scenarios, but none of them work consistently.

Boot issues – There have been widespread issues of OS X Yosemite machines freezing halfway through the boot process. Again, there are a variety of suggested fixes for this condition, but in every case effectiveness has been inconsistent and short-term.


October 30th, 2014

Community Network is blocking the installation of OS X Yosemite at this time.

As your technology support partner it is our job to test and ensure that new software and operating systems will not adversely affect your ability to get your work done.  So far, everything we’ve heard and seen suggests that we should hold off on installing Yosemite on OSU computers.  The primary reason is that there have been many reports that Yosemite breaks wireless, and in some cases Bluetooth.  Loss of wireless connectivity would render many Mac computers, such as the MacBook Air, effectively unusable.  In addition, the Yosemite version of iWork is incompatible with the OS X Mavericks version; this has generated several calls to Classroom Support (Class.Tech.IT@oregonstate.edu) from instructors who were unable to open their presentations at the beginning of their lecture.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will let you know when we believe it is safe to remove the block on OS X Yosemite. 

Business need

In the meantime, if you have a business need to install/test Yosemite, please contact us and we can remove the block from your test computer. 


Mac OS X 10.9 (Yosemite) Compatibility issues


Endnote – Endnote X7.2 has been tested by EndNote. No other information on their site regarding compatibility of older versions of the software.

Parallels – According to Parallels’ website, only Parallels Desktop 9 and 10 will work under Yosemite, and Parallels Desktop 9 has a variety of known issues, even with all updates applied.

VMWare Fusion – Version 7 and 7 PRO are supported under Yosemite. None of the previous versions are officially supported.

Adobe Creative Suite – Officially Adobe says that Creative Cloud will run on Yosemite with no special updates. Adobe also says they have tested Photoshop CS6 for compatibility with Yosemite. Beyond that, Adobe makes no guarantee (or even acknowledges) that any previous version of the Creative Suite will work on Yosemite.

Microsoft Office – All Office products appear to open and function correctly, although Lync 2011 has a reported issue with connectivity when multiple languages are set as options within the Language & Region pane in System Preferences.

FileMaker Pro – Filemaker Pro 13 and Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced are compatible with Yosemite although there are some known issues. Filemaker Server 13 is not currently compatible with Yosemite.

Google Drive – Early reports that it may crash in Yosemite though it seems to be stable now.

iWork – For those users that have either upgrade to Yosemite and downloaded the latest iWork(Keynote/Pages/Numbers) updates, or they just bought systems with Yosemite and installed the update can expect issues using anything produced in iWork on any computer that hasn’t updated to Yosemite (this includes the Classroom computers throughout campus.)  Apple has not released the same update for Mavericks, nor have they indicated any intention to do so.  To fix the issue they need to export the files as an earlier version/PowerPoint/Word/Excel/PDF.  They do this by simply going up to File>Export and then choosing the type of file they would prefer.

Hardware Issues - There are widespread reports Yosemite breaking wireless and/or Bluetooth on some computers that it is installed on. So far, there does not seem to be a pattern or a specific model of Mac that it happens on, and there are no tried and true fixes for the issue.