Q: What happens if I turn off my computer at night?

Turning off your computer is certainly a good idea, and we encourage you to continue to do that. However, using the OSU Energy Saver scheme (available on Windows computers only) can save additional energy if you step away from your desk during the workday for 10 minutes or more. Placing your computer in sleep mode also allows you to quickly pick up on your work from the previous day. 

Q: What about Patch Tuesday?

CN has developed a simple method that will wake your computer up on Tuesday evening and allow it to run the necessary updates and the weekly antivirus scan.  We ask that you do NOT turn off your computers on Tuesday evenings. Putting your computer to sleep or using the OSU Energy Saver scheme is recommended.

Q: What about scheduled jobs that run overnight, like my backup?

Windows: If you have operations that run overnight, such as file backups, they are probably triggered with a scheduled task. Follow these instructions:

  1. Click Start – Settings – Control Panel
  2. Double Click “Scheduled Tasks”
  3. Double Click on the desired task
  4. Click on the Settings Tab
  5. Check the box “Wake the computer to run this task” located at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Click OK

Apple: Your Mac should be using Time Machine which does not run on a set schedule, rather all the time, so your data backup should not be affected by your computer going to sleep.

Q: Does the computer prompt for a password after waking up?

Yes, the computer will prompt for you to log in. Once you are logged in, your work will be restored to where you left it previously.