CN-configured computers contain shortcuts to your CN-provided Home Directory and Shared Directory. If you need to manually set up a computer with shortcuts, please follow these instructions. After you set up these shortcuts, you will need to be on the OSU network to utilize them (for example, if you're at home, you will need to establish a VPN connection).

    1. First, establish a MyCN connection using your web browser.
      1. Connect to your Home Directory or your Department Shared Directory, depending on which directory you want to access.
      2. Type in your User Name and Password
        • User Name: cn\username
        • Password: *******
        • Then press Enter or click OK.
      3. Once you are logged in, highlight everything in the address bar
      4. Click Edit - Copy
      5. Close your browser
    2. Open the "Computer" icon, either on your desktop or from your Windows button.
    3. Right click in the blank space on the right side of the window
    4. Click "Add Network Location" from the popup menu

Picture of Computer screen

    1. Click Next
    2. Click "Choose a custom network location" and click next.
    3. Right click in the "Internet or network address" box and click paste

Picture of Wizard

  1. Click Next
  2. Change the default name of "" to something that makes sense to you and click next
  3. Click Finish
  4. Now you have an easy shortcut you can use anytime to access your files stored on our servers.

Picture of Computer screen with new shortcut to access your files