Apple released OS X Mavericks for free on October 22nd, 2013 which adds many new features and functionality (more details) to your Apple computer. Upon release we found that a number of applications weren’t compatible with the new operating system (including Symantec anti-virus) so we have worked to address those issues and have compiled the information below to help you plan for a successful upgrade.

Please note: It is critical that you perform a Time Machine backup prior to upgrading not only to have a backup of your important files but also to facilitate a recovery method if needed. If you aren’t sure how to do that and/or don’t have a backup drive available please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Known Compatibility Issues

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection (No longer provided or  supported at the University)
    • Versions prior to 12.1.4 are not compatible. As noted in our last Patch Tuesday notification, on November 26th we deployed an updated Symantec anti-virus client (12.1.4) to all of the systems we support running OS X 10.7 Lion or higher. The new Symantec client adds support for OS X Mavericks but no longer supports OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
  • Parallels (for running Windows)
    • Version 8 or higher is required. We strongly recommend purchasing version 9 which officially supports OS X Mavericks.
  • VMWare (for running Windows)
    • Version 5 or higher is required. We strongly recommend purchasing version 6 which officially supports OS X Mavericks.
  • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Version 6 is officially supported but running updates is highly suggested. Version 5 and earlier are reported to work with updates (more details).
  • Microsoft Outlook 2011
    • Multiple users have reported issues sending and receiving email. A fix has yet to be identified so users are advised to use webmail at this time.
  • FileMaker Pro
    • Version 12 is supported but update 12.0v5 is required (download and details). All previous versions are not supported.
  • Mac Mail
    • Multiple users have reported issues sending and receiving email when connected to their email account or Gmail. Apple released an update (download and details) to address the issue with Gmail. A fix has yet to be identified for folks connecting to their email account so users are advised to use webmail if this becomes an issue.
  • Google Drive
    • This application is known to crash Finder. Google has issued a fix (more details) which should take effect after restarting the application.
  • EndNote
    • Version X7.0.1 was released recently to support Mavericks. Version X6 isn’t officially supported but may work. Version X5 and earlier have serious compatibility issues and are not recommended (more details).
  • ONID Wireless Printing (helpdocs)
    • As of OS X 10.7 this is no longer working. We submitted a help request with Apple but at this time do not have an ETA on a resolution. This is a popular service for students and since OS X 10.9 is a free upgrade we thought it would be worth mentioning.
  • Western Digital external hard drives
    • Western Digital has warned customers (more details) that Data loss can occur when using WD Drive Manager, WD Raid Manager, and/or WD SmartWare products.
  • DisplayLink adapters
    • A number of issues (more details) currently have yet to be resolved.


Recommended Upgrade Process

Note: We can help you through the entire upgrade process if needed but if you're able to do some of the steps below on your own that will help reduce your overall downtime.

  • Verify hardware compatibility (click here)
    • Please note that some features like AirDrop, AirPlay Mirroring, and Power Nap require different hardware versions as listed on the linked webpage.
  • Verify all essential applications are compatible with OS X Mavericks
    • If you have a question about an application that isn't above, contact us or check with the application developer directly.
  • Run Software Update and apply all updates
  • Perform the following actions in Disk Utility:
    • Repair Disk Permissions
    • Verify and Repair Disk if issues are reported
  • Perform a backup with Time Machine
  • Download and Install OS X Mavericks from the App Store
  • Update to the latest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection