Email Writing

Avoid creating emails that appear malicious or unofficial by following these guidelines.

  • When including links in an email, leave them as plain text URLs or use the official OSU URL shortener:
  • If your email is asking a user to engage in a process, include a brief step-by-step guide.
  • Make sure you write your email with plain, professional language and a human tone. For more on this, check out the writing guidelines.
  • Does your email come from a no-reply? See if you can alter those settings to make it come from a real person.
  • Use a standard Information Services email signature. (Found below)
  • Good phishing attempts will use branding in their emails, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't. If you are using orange anywhere in your email, make sure to use official Beaver Orange, Hex: #d73f09 RGB: rgb(215,63,9)

For more on writing, check out the University Brand Guide.



Email Signatures for Information Services Staff

Use basic contact information and include assigned fonts and colors only.


FirstName LastName, Position Title, Unit/Department
Oregon State University | University Information and Technology | 541-867-5309

Your email signature (and all text in your email) should use Verdana as the font. Your name and Oregon State University should be bolded and Oregon State University should be Beaver Orange, Hex: #d73f09 RGB: rgb(215,63,9).


Michael McDonald, IT Communications Manager, IS Communications
Oregon State University | University Information and Technology | 541-737-1016



Your email signature should contain:

  •  First and last name
  •  Working title
  •  Oregon State University (Not Oregon State or OSU)
  •  Unit/Department
  •  University Information and Technology and may optionally contain the next-level organization (Information Services)
  •  Phone number

Your email signature should not contain:

  •  Your email
  •  Links
  •  Graphics
  •  Icons


When should I use the email signature?

  • Emails that can or will travel to a person or group external to Information Services
  • Emails that are professional/work-related in nature
  • At minimum on the first email of a thread