UIT Communications

Tools and strategies for effective marketing and communications for IT services, events and programs.

UIT Communications Toolkit

Logos, templates, tools and more. Use these branded resources to help tell your story and communicate with customers.



Craft secure, professional and branded emails to build user trust and enhance the University Information & Technology brand.

Email Tools



Use photography and graphics to build a narrative with high impact.

Image Tools



Use branded templates to create an impactful University Information & Technology presentation. Note: You'll need to request and install the branded fonts to use the presentation templates.

Presentation Tools

Word Template


UIT Companion Logos

The logo must be used on all forms of communication and whenever the university is being represented. URM has established a set of guidelines for use of the main OSU logo and use of a division or department companion logo.

UIT Logos


Writing and Editorial Style

We've compiled a mini UIT style guide to use as an editorial reference, pulling from UIT and OSU-specific guidelines and common AP style queries. 

UIT Style Guide


Graphic Elements

Coming Soon — In the meantime, check out what graphic elements URM offers in their brand toolkit