Lecture Capture

Lecture capture is a simple, self-operated system which can be used at no cost to the instructor or department. It is ideal for supplementing your teaching materials and your students’ notes.

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Oregon State University's lecture capture systems record media projected in the class along with audio of the instructor's lecture. Most rooms equipped with lecture capture do not use cameras in order to protect the privacy of students and records audio only from the microphone used by the instructor.

If you'd like to use lecture capture in your classroom:

Step 1: Make sure your class has been scheduled in a lecture capture enabled classroom. If you're not scheduled in one of these rooms, work with the Registrar to have your room schedule in one of these rooms.

Step 2Fill out the form that tells us you'll be recording your classes. We'll work with you to make sure you understand how to operate the system in the room and how to get and share your recordings.

Your lecture capture recordings are automatically uploaded to Kaltura and can be accessed through My Media in Canvas and MediaSpace.

Refer to the following list to see if lecture capture is available in your classroom.