To send documents using DocuSign, watch the required training videos, review the Digital Signature and Digital Workflows Policy, and complete the Sender Access Request form.  Click on the “Become a Sender” link at the top of this page to access training and the access request form.

To send documents with DocuSign you need the DocuSign Sender Access. To request DocuSign Sender Access you need to complete the Sender Access Request. This request requires you to watch a few training videos, certify that you understand that the use of DocuSign is subject to the OSU Acceptable Use Policy, and it will be routed to your supervisor for approval.

If you find yourself resending the same form over and over again you could benefit from a template. A template is a blueprint for forms that you frequently need to send out with placeholder roles attached. When it is time to send out the form all that needs to be done is to assign the placeholder roles to actual signers. Templates can be shared with other people. To create templates you need the designer role.

A PowerForm is a reusable form that can be posted on a website. A PowerForm allows people to initiate a DocuSign form even if they do not have any roles in DocuSign. It is also possible to distribute PowerForms via e-mail.

Making those fields that need to be filled out by the signer “required” will ensure that the document is filled out completely. DocuSign will not allow the signer to “return” the document before all required fields are filled out.


A valid DocuSign email will always contain an alternate signing method with a security code that can be entered on the website.  If you question whether an email is a phishing attempt, open your browser and navigate to  Then click on "Access Documents" at the top of the web page.  Finally, paste in the code contained in the email.  The document will open if the code entered is valid.

Please review this page for more information:

No, only people who send or create forms need special access. If you have an ONID account at OSU you also have a DocuSign account. To sign into your DocuSign account visit and click on “Sign in to DocuSign.” People who are not part of OSU can still sign DocuSign documents after first creating a private DocuSign account with a private e-mail address.


Yes. Please visit the resources page. You can find training for signers, senders and designers.

Templates and PowerForms

If you are frequently sending the same document it might be beneficial to create a template. To create DocuSign templates you need the DocuSign designer role. To request the DocuSign Designer role, please contact us.