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Two-step login to protect your OSU account.


OSU accounts compromised over the last five years (2011-2016)

Protect your account by using Duo.

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Who is it for?

Duo is now available to anyone with an OSU Login.

Why should I use it?

Strong passwords are essential, but they aren't enough. Phishing attacks and data breaches put your account at risk. Duo provides extra security for your OSU Account with two-step login.

As an incentive, once you opt-in to Duo you can change your password one last time and then keep it as long as you'd like.  No more mandatory annual password changes!

Two-step Login

With two-step login, anyone trying to access your account must provide two forms of ID:

  • Something you know, such as your password.
  • Something you have, such as a passcode, a phone, or even a mobile app.

Some services and websites refer to this as two-step authentication, two-step verification, multifactor authentication, or login verification.

The difference between the "normal" OSU login screen and the two-step login screen is shown here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Two-step login is a way to protect your account by requiring both something you know (password) with something you have (smartphone or tablet).

What is Two-Factor Authentication? (2FA)

Start by clicking the Opt-In button and follow the steps on screen.  The Duo Guide provides instructions on enrollment and an overview of how Duo works. 

Duo Push is the easiest way to perform two-step login on your account.  Read more about Duo Push or watch the following video to see how easy it is.

Two-Factor Authentication with Duo Push

You can also use a hardware token purchased from the Beaver Store. Once purchased, you must add it to your account. Only hardware tokens purchased from the Beaver Store will work for Duo.

You can generate a passcode by opening the Duo app, tap the key icon on the screen next to Oregon State University, enter the six digit code displayed onto the OSU Login screen.

If you lose your device that is enrolled in Duo, please notify the Service Desk immediately. They can assist you in gaining temporary access to your account until you have a new device.

Yes, you can.  In fact, if you have more than one device, we strongly recommend it.  It provide you with options if something unfortunate happens to one of your evices.

Android, iOS (including Apple watch), and Windows Phone

Open the Duo app on your device and the push notification should be waiting there.  You can read more about troubleshooting Push notification issues for iOS and Android.

Opting into Duo means that some web-based logins to OSU services will also require your approval through Duo (either approving via the app, or entering the token 6 digit number). (link to/include login screens?)

SSO stands for Single Sign On and means you use one login/password (and 2nd factor if enabled) to login to multiple, different services. Examples of SSO logins are when you login to onid.oregonstate.edu, or login to portal.microsoft.com to download Office 365. In both cases, you use your ONID id (for example, leacht@oregonstate.edu) and password to access that service without needing to create a new account for that service.

No, using OSU Secure or OSU Access will still only ask for your ONID login and password.

No, logging into your computer is not affected by opting into Duo. You just need your normal login and password. can assist you in gaining temporary access to your account until you have a new device.

Employees can receive a bypass code from the following local IT support groups:

  • Athletics
  • Ag (Roots)
  • CASS
  • CGRB
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Forestry
  • HMSC
  • MU
  • OCSC
  • CoSINE (College of Science & Liberal Arts)
  • Student Health
  • Services (SHS)
  • SIG
  • TSS
  • University Housing and Dining (UHDS)
  • VetMed
  • The IS Service Desk can generate a bypass code for any user.