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Let's build a better web, together.

Digital Experience (formerly Web and Mobile Services) enables every OSU student, staff, faculty and community member to connect digitally with Oregon State University.


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Our Offerings

At Digital Experience, we look forward to what the future of the digital landscape holds. That's why we build digital experiences with strategic, broad impact that bring OSU straight to our users.

A modern, mobile-first, API-driven dashboard for students, built in-house by Digital Experience. It is the foundational offering for the Digital Experience Initiative and a new kind of digital experience at OSU.

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OSU Mobile

Students expect a mobile digital experience at OSU. We're working to make sure we get it right. Available for iOS and Android.

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Chat @ OSU

Chat @ OSU is envsioned as a conversational UI that can call up information from a plurality of OSU systems across campus to deliver personalized information, answer common questions, promote student success and provide assistance navigating institutional processes.

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Campus Map

A mobile-first, interactive campus map that will get you where you need to go on the Corvallis campus. 

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OSU Search

An intuitive service that connects users to the information they seek across all pages, people and places at Oregon State University.

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Events Calendar

A simple, wide-ranging calendar of campus community events.

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Drupal Codebase

Our Drupal codebase allows power users to manage their own Drupal installation, giving them ultimate flexibility over configuration and updates.

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OSU Drupal

Our flagship web publishing offering that helps promote consistency, quality and ease-of-use for OSU websites.

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A lightweight, self-service web publishing offering utilized by and available to a students, faculty and staff.

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An all-in-one tool that helps you find and fix issues and errors on your website.

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Have a ridiculously long website URL that looks like garbage? Want to make it short and lovely? will do that for you.    Hackathon 3.0 award winner for simplification.

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Support Activities

If you're a web communicator at OSU, we're here to aid you, offering support, training and community to help you get your job done.




The Digital Experience team provides campus-wide support for Drupal and WordPress sites — if you have a problem, we can probably help. If you can't come see us in person during Open Lab, submit a ticket via the button below and let us know how we can help.

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We offer a variety of training opportunities — from the basics to advanced features — to help you find your way around your Drupal site. Trainings are open to everyone!

Training opportunities



Open Lab

Bring your OSU web project to Open Lab and work with dedicated professionals who are there to help you bring your vision to life. Giddy up!

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Advisory and Governance

We are passionate about helping our customers and partners achieve their goals. We're in ongoing conversations with a variety of groups to make sure that we're getting it right.

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Digital Experience hosts two annual events: the Hackathon, where teams of OSU employees build something new to solve a problem and then share it with the community; and the Fixathon, where web users learn how to find and fix the most important issues on their websites.



A prospective student looks at the OSU homepage. An undergraduate uses their phone to check their grades in the student dashboard. An employee finds and downloads their W2 to prep for tax season. These types of interactions collectively define the OSU digital experience.



The Digital Experience Initiative

The Digital Experience Initiative is a multi-year, multi-project effort that aims to transform the OSU digital landscape and improve the utility, quality and credibility of the OSU online experience. We believe that, through this initiative, we can make a difference in terms of each OSU student's success.

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Are you an OSU web communicator? Join our community! Meet other creators from across campus and get to know the ins and outs of the OSU web landscape.



Teams Channel

Chat online with other other members of the community and get up-to-the-minute updates on the web at OSU. Anyone with an Oregon State email address can join our Teams channel.

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Community Meetings

Join the conversation about the web at Oregon State and hear from others about best practices, helpful tutorials and important updates. Also, snacks!

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DX Directory

Now that you know what we do at Digital Experience, check out who we are.

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