Announcement Guidelines


The new DX student dashboard features an aggregated feed of upcoming events and campus-wide announcements. 

  • Announcements are easily-digestible information tidbits, the catchy content that you might post to engage with students’ attention on the interesting and exciting things going on in your department. These are submitted by you, curated by us and are intended to complement the student-focused events already in the feed.
  • Events are pulled directly from the OSU localist calendar; if you have an event to submit, you can submit it via 


Content guidelines

All announcements must include a headline and a body text of up to 200 characters. You will have the option of adding a hyperlink/call to action as well as a photograph or illustration (.jpg or .png) to add as a background image. Initially, accepted announcements will run for a period of up to two weeks at a time.  


What type of content will be accepted?

We are looking for content that is interesting and engaging to a broader demographic of the OSU student population. It is our hope that content in this area of the dashboard will enhance the student experience and create opportunities for students to form a deeper connection and find community at OSU. We are planning on adding layers of personalization to the dashboard in the future that would allow for more targeted announcements. 


Think of this as a cross-campus social media feed — what things would you share on your department Instagram account? 
Your announcements don't have to be related specifically to your program or even to OSU — you are welcome to share things that are interesting, inspirational, educational, shareable and/or just plain amusing. Here is a look at the feed, with some general announcements to give you an idea:


Examples of what we are not looking for:

  • Events
  • Content targeted to a specific student demographic
  • Building closures / facility information

Submit your announcement

To submit an announcement for the DX dashboard feed, fill out the submission form. Please allow up to two business days for us to review your request.