MyOregonState is coming

We've built a new digital experience just for you, one that's modern, friendly and personalized. MyOregonState will be replacing MyOSU this summer — and this is just the beginning. We have lots of features and functionality in mind that will make your digital campus experience even better. 

Meet your new dashboard

MyOregonState is a new dashboard for students and employees, with a clean, modern and intuitive interface that makes it easy to find all of the information you want and need — in one place. Built by Oregon State's Web and Mobile Services team in collaboration with partners and stakeholders from across the university, MyOregonState brings a personalized experience that provides you with what you need to know, when you need to know it. 

Want to double check that you're ready to register for next term? Check your registration date and clear up any holds through MyOregonState. Can't remember where your lecture is? MyOregonState will show you exactly where it is on the campus map. Looking for your employee tax information? That's one click away with MyOregonState. MyOregonState is here to help you navigate your digital campus life. 

We're ready for take-off

During fall 2019, we soft-launched a beta version of MyOregonState to a small population of students across campus, and later to employees, testing functionality and gathering valuable feedback. After extensive platform testing — and releasing a new feature or three — MyOregonState is ready for launch, this time to everyone. 


It's all in the name

We knew we wanted a name that screamed "Oregon State University," and fit snugly within our university brand. Something easy to memorize and hard to forget. Something similar to MyOSU, but not MyOSU. With the help of University Relations & Marketing, we decided on MyOregonState — after all, this is designed to help YOU navigate YOUR Oregon State.




MyOregonState is live and available — check it out! We really hope you like it, but you can still access MyOSU for the time being if you're having trouble finding what you're looking for.


July 15, 2020

Oregon State University employees will be fully transitioned to MyOregonState, and will no longer be able to access the MyOSU portal. We're hoping that by transitioning employees first, they can familiarize themselves with the dashboard and help students to navigate comfortably and find what they need. 


August 19, 2020

All Oregon State University students will be fully transitioned to MyOregonState. And if you don't access it over the summer, MyOregonState will be waiting for your return in the fall.

The Digital Experience Initiative

MyOregonState is the foundational offering of the Digital Experience Initiative, and is just one of the ways in which we're transforming Oregon State University's digital landscape by:

  • Improving the functionality, quality and credibility of Oregon State's online experience
  • Building a whole suite of personalized, secure and intuitive applications
  • Creating a continuous, thoughtful and personalized experience for each and every user 

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We weren't alone

Although built and spearheaded by Web and Mobile Services, MyOregonState is a truly collaborative labor of love, bringing together various stakeholders and partners from all across the university to form the DX Advisory Group. 

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We're here if you need us

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