Site Owner Policy


Purpose of this policy
  • Define the Site Owner role and responsibilities for OSU Drupal sites.
  • Establish the purpose of a list of Site Owners.


Policy Scope

This policy affects all OSU Drupal websites provided by Web and Mobile Services as defined below.


Site Owner List

The list of Site Owners at Oregon State University will be maintained by Web and Mobile Services for the following purposes:

  • To be able to route requests from non-Site Owner users to the appropriate Site Owner or to be able to easily seek permission to fulfill requests that require Site Owner permission.
  • To communicate important information regarding OSU Drupal Sites to Site Owners. Some information may include:
    • Planned or unplanned maintenance and outages
    • Site-specific notifications including but not limited to:
      • Reports of broken links
      • Missing pages/files
      • Accessibility errors
    • Information regarding community events, training, etc.


OSU Drupal Site

An OSU Drupal Site is a website running on the Web and Mobile Services-provided distribution of the Content Management System Drupal hosted on the Acquia cloud hosting platform. An OSU Drupal Site requires one (1) Site Owner and may additionally have up to three (3) Site Designees.


Site Owner


A site owner is an OSU employee that meets all of the following criteria:

  • Is a full time employee 
  • Works for the department or program relevant to the OSU Drupal site
  • Has change authority over the OSU Drupal Site
  • Is the designated point of contact for the OSU Drupal Site


Change Management

If Web and Mobile Services receives a request to make changes to a website from an employee who is not the Site Owner, Web and Mobile Services will direct the employee to the appropriate Site Owner to fulfill the request. Otherwise, Web and Mobile Services will require the Site Owner's approval before fulfilling the request.

Some examples of these types of requests include but are not limited to:


  • Rollbacks to the database
  • Adding/removing users
  • Changes to roles/permissions
  • Enabling and disabling modules
  • Site-wide changes
  • Migrations
  • Changes to development or production environments


Continuity of site ownership

To ensure continuity of service and site stability, it is critical that all OSU Drupal Sites have a site owner at all times. If a Site Owner leaves OSU or the organization relevant to an OSU Drupal Site, a new one must be designated. If a site owner is not named (or has left their position) we will not be able to perform any of the requests that require site owner approval. Web and Mobile Services reserves the right to disable any OSU Drupal Site that does not have a site owner.


Timeliness of response

Site owners are expected to respond within three (3) business days of change requests. If no response is received, Web and Mobile Services will ask one of the Site Designees - if none are designated, we will be unable to fulfill certain requests.



If Web and Mobile Services determines that a Site Owner is repeatedly ignoring requests or not fulfilling their role, we will reach out to the relevant department head or supervisor to either identify a new Site Owner or appoint a designee as the new Site Owner.



It is the responsibility of the Site Owner to relay any communications from Web and Mobile Services regarding OSU Drupal Sites to the relevant employees within their organization. 


Site Designee

A Site Designee is a non-student OSU employee with all of the same authority and responsibilities except:

  • The Site Owner has overriding authority of decisions made by a Site Designee
  • A Site Designee cannot name a Site Owner or other Site Designees