Digital Experience Initiative

A prospective student looks at the OSU homepage. An undergraduate uses their phone to check their grades in the student dashboard. An employee finds and downloads their W2 to prep for tax season. These types of interactions collectively define the OSU digital experience.

We are transforming the OSU digital landscape by improving the utility, quality and credibility of the OSU online experience by building a suite of personalized, secure and intuitive interactions. Led by OSU's Digital Experience team (formerly Web and Mobile Services), the Digital Experience Initiative brings multiple systems together, creating a continuous, thoughtful experience that features targeted communication, contextualized information and assistive recommendations.

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A modern, mobile-first, API-driven dashboard for students and employees. It is the foundational offering of the Digital Experience Initiative.

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OSU Mobile

OSU's official mobile app available on iOS and Android. It brings together all of the tools that students use every day and puts them on their mobile device.

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Chat @ OSU

We envision a conversational UI that exposes information from many systems at OSU to multiple interfaces that promotes student success and assists in navigating institutional processes.

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What is a Digital Experience?


Everything you do on the internet today, whether using an app, website, digital assistant or other interface, is a digital experience. The best experiences are personalized, intuitive, helpful and (ideally) delightful. The sum of these online interactions is what forms a user's digital experience. This initiative is all about building a better digital experience at OSU.