Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Puneet Wahi
Research Office
Monday, April 8, 2019

The electronic Research Administration (eRA) project will replace a host of aging systems and manual processes with a single, cloud-based solution for managing Conflicts of Interest (COI), human subjects research (IRB),  animal subjects research (IACUC), and live animal care (ARC).

Status Summary: 

Updated schedule on 04/08/2019: (Puneet Wahi)

COI: In production

IRB: In production 

IACUC:  In production

ARC: Go-Live 06/30

We have completed work on the three modules (COI, IACUC, IRB). While COI and IRB modules have moved into support from the CSR, IACUC is still being supported /monitored by the iMedRIS project management. We have kicked off work on the last remaining modules (ARC) week of April 1.  Completed identifying stakeholders, finalizing the project plan built.  Next steps will include a review of the ARM system capabilities, analysis of ARC module and departmental processes; capture any gaps and improvement opportunities within the ARC module, setting up the system in the iMedRIS Development Environment.