Network Engineering provides a fee-based Microsoft Exchange mailbox hosting service to approximately 5,000 users campus-wide. This service includes:

  • Spam filtering
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Active Directory domain licensing for departments without a domain (FS_Mail¬†or ONID)
  • Remote access via Outlook Web Access and POP/IMAP
  • Public folders
  • Tiered support team
  • 24x7 uptime, active monitoring via MOM and OpenNMS
  • Regular maintenance and upgrades
  • Production standards and scheduled maintenance windows
  • High availability configuration
  • Nightly full backups (for system disaster recovery only)
  • Retention of deleted mailboxes for 90 days
  • Retention of deleted mail items for 14 days

Permissions are delegated to the Department Computer Administrator (DCA), who is responsible for all account and mailbox administration and user support. DCAs have access to a full-time Exchange support person for help with everything from configuring clients to troubleshooting mail delivery problems.

Exchange Billing Information

We charge $2 per mailbox/month for mailboxes set to the default "prohibit send" limit. Current default limits are:

  • warning limit: 800,000 KB (800 MB)
  • prohibit send: 1,024,000 KB (1,000 MB/1 GB)

Mailboxes set to a higher quota are billed an additional $2 per 1,000MB (1GB) increment of the default "prohibit send" limit, e.g. a 2GB mailbox costs $4/month, a 3GB mailbox costs $6/month, and so on.

Resource mailboxes with a quota of 100MB are free.

We also provide access to the FS_Mail domain for groups who wish to use Exchange but do not maintain their own Active Directory domain. There is no charge for FS_Mail accounts.

Please note: Network Engineering does not provide account administration - that task is delegated to the DCA for the department. If your department does not have a person to manage account and mailbox administration and support, you should consider using the Community Network service.