Faculty and Department Projects

Media Hub offers studio resources for faculty 

Perfect spaces for: 
• A series of videos for a class

• In need of a studio space to capture and create lectures

• If you are in need of help with a multimedia project

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 Faculty/Staff Equipment Checkout 

Equipment Checkout is available at the Valley Library

  • Equipment can be reserved by filling out the request form below 
  • Pickup equipment at the Media Hub main desk in the Valley Library - Room 2035
  • Basic technical orientation for how to use equipment can be provided during checkout 
  • Media Hub rofessional consultants offer advanced technical equipment support and consulting by request 


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Classroom Technology 

Microphone Headset

While most classrooms should already have wireless microphones installed, using them with masks can present a challenge when it comes to clarity. If you or your students are having trouble understanding your presentation while using a mask, the next best solution is to bring the microphone as close to your face as possible. The headset microphone (seen below) is compatible with most* wireless microphone systems across campus.

The headset fits comfortably on any head and the microphone position can be easily adjusted.
Please note that these headsets are not compatible with all classrooms. Please contact us with questions regarding room compatibility. 

If you would like to check out or purchase one of these microphones for continual use in your classrooms, please follow the link below

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Faculty/ Staff Printing Services

We offer large format poster printing services (up to 42" in one dimension) to faculty and staff members working on department work - including conferences, research, and office signage. 
For small format printing services, such as fliers, postcards or business cards, we suggest contacting OSU Printing and Mailing 

Price Breakdown 36" 42"
Standard Paper (per square foot) $5.00 $6.00
Luster/Glossy Paper (per square foot) $8.50 $8.50
Enhanced Matte (per square foot) $8.50 $8.50
Lamination (Per Side) $10.50 $13.50
Foam Core (per square foot) (White) $3.00 (Black) $4.00

Media Hub also offers mounting options to a lightweight, 1/4" foam board, known as 'foam-core'. Tri-fold self-standing options are also available.

Foam Core board comes in 2 available options: White or Black.


White = $3 per SqFt
Example: 36x48" = $36 

Black = $4 per SqFt
Example: 36x48" = $48 



Media Consultation/Editing Assistance

Let us help you edit your video project

Media editing is time-consuming, so let our talented students and staff assist you with your project!
SMS has students and full-time staff who are fluent in a variety of different media editing programs and can assist with a variety of projects including:

  • Video Editing
  • Photo Editing
  • Audio Editing

More Information

All departmental and faculty media projects must be considered and approved by Media Services.

In the event of approval, SMS labor costs break down into the following categories: 
Student Labor: $20.00 per hour
Full-Time Staff Labor: $54.00 per hour

Studio Rental

Our studio spaces are available to students, faculty, or staff working on official OSU projects. 
We will do our best to honor department requests, but our service priority is to students working on academic coursework. 

For more information on our spaces and rooms available, please visit our Multimedia Studios. 

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