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Get inspired to start your DIY Media project! Learn about ways OSU faculty and staff are using media to enrich teaching, research, training and outreach at Oregon State. Still not sure where to begin? Request studio time with our FMC team to discover ways we can help!  

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Here's what people are making at the Faculty Media Center

Video Lecture for BA 528 - Studio A

This is an edited sample from a video lecture Alan created in our Advanced Studio using the presentation podium and document camera - a near identical setup to what you'll find in OSU classrooms. 

Alan says he's received nothing but positive feedback from his students, sharing that they appreciate the time and effort he puts into the videos and how well-made they are. Students have even said they're taking screenshot images from the videos to help further reinforce their understanding. 


Graduate School How-To Video - Studio C

This is an edited sample from a How-To video John created using our audio booth to record the Voiceover. For this project, John used his personally licensed Camtasia editing software, adding the Voiceover recording to a blank project then layering in the video screen recordings one at a time. After each screen recording, John edited it for timing with the voice and then added in any special effects, like zoom in/out and highlighting.

This example represents how our studios can be used by more advanced users to create high-quality master recording files that can then be used in more complex media production processes. 


Demonstration Video for KIN 511 - Studio A

This is an edited sample from a 2-camera demonstration video Emily created as a student study aid. Using the installed overhead camera in our one-touch Flex Studio, Emily was able to self-produce this dynamic video showing two different angles on how to wrap an ankle. Exclusive to Faculty Media Center, we helped Emily deliver interactive, student-controlled video playback via OSU's MyMedia in Canvas.

Emily was really excited to be able to bring her idea to reality and we are thrilled to have participated in her success. 

Research Video Interview - Studio B

This is an edited sample from a video interview Richard recorded using our Video Booth. Using our built-in camera & microphone, one-touch recording controls and comfortable studio furniture, Richard was easily able record his video interview.

Richard added the text and graphics later, after the recording session using video editing software.

Here's what people are saying about the Faculty Media Center

"Amy went out of her way to help me with a task that would have taken dramatically longer if I had to climb the learning curve mountain myself."

Eric Vogel, Instructor - College of Engineering

"I love the office hours idea. It has worked well for me now twice. I am sure it is an extra toll on your staff, but it is incredibly useful. Thank you."

Tamara Belknap, Assessment Analyst - Academic Programs and Assessment

"What a great experience! My students really appreciated the opportunity to work through the lecture at their own pace...Thank you for this great resource!"

Kate Schilke, Associate Professor - College of Engineering

"Amy was attentive, informative, and timely with her responses. Her help is much appreciated!"

Stephanie Higgins, Instructor - College of Education

"Ed is great. Such a good resource. Cool, unflappable, straight-up guy. Having a student in the mix of helpers is also very useful in gaining what things are like from the "other side". Without these folks to help, I'd turn in my resignation!"

Roger Traylor, Senior Instructor - College of Engineering

"Great group, terrific facilities -- thanks for making it easy!"

Aaron Wolf, Professor - College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

"The service I've received at FMC has been exceptional, and the Admissions department has been impressed too. Thank you for all of your assistance!"

Spencer Hutchison, Analyst Programmer - Enrollment Management IT

"The personalized touch provided by staff is incredibly important for those of us who are not technically-minded or who don't have previous experience with production."

Kristen Magis, Sr Consultant, Ldrshp/Prof Dev - Human Resources

"Amy and Ed have been very helpful - this service could make a huge difference in the university's ability to be successful moving forward..."

Jana King, Advisor - College of Business

"It's always a pleasure to come to the Faculty Media Center. This facility is a real campus gem. Thank you for all of your help!"

Keith Hautula, Public Info Representative - College of Engineering

"Extremely easy process. We had a finished, post-able product, including recording time, in less than two hours."

Russell Karow, Emeritus - Dept. of Crop & Soil Science

"Not only did I leave with a great video that I have posted as an introduction to my Canvas course, I also left with new skills."

Lynne Hindman, Instructor - College of Education


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