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The Media Hub Lightboard


The Lightboard is a tool for creating compelling, visually dynamic videos to help you effectively engage with your students. 

The Lightboard is a large, 60" crystal-clear glass board with internal LED lighting that makes your writing glow and "float" on screen, allowing you to write and draw while maintaining eye contact to deliver your message in a natural and engaging way. You stand behind the glass and write as you normally would on a whiteboard. The camera captures you from the front and automatically flips the writing for your viewers.  


Instructional videos created using the Lightboard are a great way to demonstrate complicated material, explain a concept in detail, or review key learning points that your students can watch and re-watch without the time constraints of scheduled class time. The Lightboard’s low-tech approach makes it easy to enhance your pre-recorded mini lectures, transforming traditional Voice-over-Powerpoint videos into a dynamic media learning experience.

Lightboard Video - Oregon Master Beekeeper Program

OSU Extension Senior Faculty Research Assistant Carolyn Breece uses the Lightboard to explain honeybee communication known as the "Waggle Dance".

Lightboard Video - CH 440 Chapter Review

OSU Chemistry Senior Research Associate Jie Zhang uses the Lightboard to create weekly review videos that supplement classroom instruction. Jie adds some contextual content to the demonstration by superimposing PPT slides on the Lightboard video in real-time while recording. 

Lightboard Tips 



"One topic - One board - One Video."

Keep videos short and focused. If you need to erase (much) or add another board, it might be too long. 


Working the board

When writing on the board, look at what you are writing. When talking about something on the board, point at it and look at it. When you aren't writing or pointing, look at the camera.


The Window Effect

Leave yourself a window. Or at least try not to draw horizontal lines across your face.


Lightboard Apparel

Dark clothing works best so your writing is readable in front of you. Deep blue is really nice. Wear something without text or distracting graphics/patterns. 


This isn't Hollywood

Expectations for videos are higher than for classroom lectures, but you don't need to strive for perfection.


Bring in Powerpoint

Set the slide background to black, and the page aspect ratio to 16:9 before you start. The Window Effect applies here too: Leave space for you. You become a character inside your PowerPoint slide.

Lightboard PowerPoint Template


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