Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Scott Emery
University Information & Technology
Monday, May 10, 2021

The project team is charged with creating a plan to systematize the GenderMag method across OSU IT. In doing so, the project team will develop, communicate, and carry out a plan that’s in alignment with the cultural commitment, strategies, and projects outlined in OSU’s IT Strategic Plan 2023. In this pursuit, the project team will work toward achieving the following results:

  1. Strategically integrating the GenderMag method into OSU IT’s practices and processes where appropriate.
  2. Under the leadership of the Director of IT Organizational Development, conduct ongoing GenderMag trainings by a volunteer group of OSU IT staff trainers following AY21.
  3. Create and sustain an interactive GenderMag IT community within Teams to support a community of practice, share relevant resources, and coordinate planning efforts for GenderMag training graduates across OSU IT.
  4. Develop a GenderMag (public-facing) web presence as part of a new IT Organizational Development site within UIT’s web presence.
  5. Incorporate an evaluation plan to evaluate any “to-be-procured” software in collaboration with OSU’s procurement office.

Additionally, the project team identified the following future goals, past AY21. These will take additional time to develop in collaboration with other OSU offices (e.g. UHR, Procurement, etc.):

  1. Integrate performance review criteria into OSU’s new performance management process
Status Summary: 
  • Completed the project charter and RACI chart
  • Trained 35 OSU IT employees across 17 OSU IT depts/units to-date
  • Identified 4 volunteer GenderMag trainers to-date
  • Built an interactive "community of practice" team channel for all current GenderMag graduates

In process:

  • Building a GenderMag web presence for promotion (part of a forthcoming IT Organizational Development (OD) web presence)
  • Building a registration system (using Ideal-Logic) for making GenderMag trainings available for anyone at OSU
  • In discussions with our Procurement Office to build in an inclusivity check/assessment into the RFP process for IT systems
  • Building a path that promotes and integrates the GenderMag method into our IT practice and processes
Recently Completed: 
  • Met with our sponsor (Andrea Ballinger) to:
    • Reviewing impact metrics
    • RACI
    • Status of project goals
    • Review report on inclusivity bugs on use-case systems to-date
What's Next: 
  • Deep-dive into a few of the systems selected as use-cases during training sessions. Some had a high rate of inclusivity bugs and Andrea (sponsor) is interested in learning more about what the inclusivity issues are.
  • Create a business case for a FY22 funding to support ongoing project goals going into AY22
  • Design our first GenderMag CoP meeting