Opt in Now

Opt-In Period for Employees and Non-Student Users

Due to legal restrictions, employees' old ONID email will not be moved over to Google Mail. If you wish to begin using Google for ONID email delivery, only new ONID email messages will be sent and received via Google Mail at Google Apps for OSU. Older messages will still need to be accessed via the mailbox you currently use.

How to Opt In

  • Following the opt in, all email sent to your ONID email address - your @onid.oregonstate.edu and your @onid.orst.edu addresses - will be delivered via Google Apps for OSU, and you may use your Google account for ONID email. You will NOT be getting a gmail.com email address.
  • If at any point you decide to forward your ONID email to another email address, you will need to login to Google and set your forwarding address there.

A reminder, this migration is only for ONID email. Exchange-hosted mailboxes for faculty and staff will not be migrated. Exchange mailboxes are generally associated with @oregonstate.edu email addresses.