EDUCAUSE has made access to its website available through the InCommon Federation.  OSU Faculty and Staff may now access EDUCAUSE using their ONID username and password.  The following set of instructions are available to help you complete the one time setup process to allow this for your account.

Step 1: Go to EDUCAUSE

Go to the EDUCAUSE website and click Login from the upper right hand corner of the web page. Note - the URL must include the www. for this to work.

Step 2: Login

From the Login page, scroll down to the section labelled "Federated Login" and click the "Log in Using InCommon" button.  For all future visits, this is the way to login using your ONID account.

Step 3: Select Oregon State

In the textbox labelled "Start typing here to find your institution", begin typing Oregon State.  The list will filter as you type.  Click on the Oregon State Entry.

Step 4: Login to Oregon State

If you are not already logged in to Oregon State's Single Sign Onyou will be redirected to the OSU Login page.  Enter your ONID username and password and you will be redirected back to the EDUCAUSE website.  If you are already logged, in you will not be taken to the login page and will proceed directly to step 5.

Step 5: Account Setup

At this point you will be able to map your existing EDUCAUSE account to your federated ONID login.  You will be given three options on the Profile Setup page.  If you have an existing EDUCAUSE profile, it will attempt to match it based upon email address.  If it finds a match, it will display the profile with a button that says "This is Me" (this is circled in orange in the image below).  If it is the correct profile, click this button.

If it does not find a match but you have a profile, you can enter your EDUCAUSE username and password into the form and it will use that information to find your EDUCAUSE profile.

If you are a new EDUCAUSE user and do not have an existing profile, you can use the "Create a New Profile" option.

Step 6: Confirm and Complete

Confirm your mapping of your profile by clicking Continue (circled below in orange) and the process is complete.


For support issues with the login process, please contact the Identity and Access Management team.