There are several web tools available to manage ONID accounts.  These tools are primarily for managing unified ONID accounts (accounts merged from other departments into ONID).  If you need access to one or more of these tools, contact us.


The ONIDMover tool is used to move ONID accounts between OUs in the ONID Active Directory domain.  It can be used to move an account from the primary ONID OU (ou=onid) into a sub-OU that is delegated to your department (for example, ou=_deptA,ou=onid).  It can also be used to move ONID accounts around the OU structure you have established in your delegated sub-OU (for example, ou=team1,ou=_deptA,ou=onid to ou=team2,ou=_deptA,ou=onid).

ONID Administrative Password Change

The ONID Administrative Password Change tool is used to perform a password reset on an ONID account.  This tool should only be used when the end-user cannot use the normal self-service password change, such as when the end-user does not have access to a web browser.  The new password must meet the user's normal password policy requirements for length and complexity.  The new password will expire after 7 days.  You may only change the password of users in the sub-OU delegated to you.  The end-user and ONID Support will be notified by email when the password is changed.

Duo Bypass Code Generator

If a person cannot use their normal Duo device because it was lost, forgotten, stolen, or broken, it may be necessary to generate a bypass code.  A bypass code can be entered as the second factor of authentication instead of a Duo push.  The Duo Bypass Code Generator can generate a bypass code for a specific person after that person's identity has been verified.  The administrator can choose if the bypass code is valid for 1 use or unlimited uses, and they can choose when it will expire (maximum 4 days).