This page documents the list of attributes pre-approved by OSU for release to Service Providers that are members of InCommon.  No additional attribute release or setup is required for this attribute set.  If you only need to release this set of data for your users, no additional MOU is required.

Attribute Description Employee Affiliate Student
eduPersonAffilation  All OSU affiliations of user YES



eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation  Primary OSU affiliation of user YES  YES NO
eduPersonPrincipalName [email protected]  YES  YES NO
eduPersonPrincipalNamePrior Any prior [email protected]  YES YES NO
eduPersonScopedAffiliation OSU affiliation of user  YES



eduPersonTargetedID A unique id for each person for each Service Provider. (Intended to preserve the user's privacy) YES YES NO
email Primary email address


displayName Full name in format Last, First Middle  YES YES NO
givenName First Name  YES YES NO
sn Last Name  YES YES NO
transientID unique identifier assigned by the service that contains no personally identifiable information YES YES YES

R&S Category Support

Oregon State supports the eduGAIN REFEDS Research & Scholarship (R&S) category.  All attributes listed above are released to Research & Scholarship category Service Providers for users with an eduPersonPrimaryAffiilation of Employee, Student, or Affiliate.

Attribute Details


The specification allows only the following values for affiliation: faculty, student, staff, alum, member, affiliate, employee, library-walk-in.  OSU is not issuing the faculty, staff, alum, or library walk-in affiliations at this time. This attribute may contain multiple values.

Affiliation osuAffiliation Description
employee E (employee) All current employees of OSU including student, temporary, emeritus, and courtesy employees
student S (student) Anyone meeting the Registrar definition of Student
affiliate O (other) Associates of OSU
member N/A Anyone in the employee, student, or affiliate affiliations


This is the primary affiliation of the user.  It maps to the affiliation displayed in the OSU Directory.

eduPersonPrincipalName (EPPN)

This is the gloabally unique identifier for federation through InCommon and takes the format of [email protected].


This attribute contains prior EPPNs for a user.  Username changes prior to InCommon federation membership were not tracked and will not be reflected in this attribute.


This attribute contains each of the affiliation values appended with the scope of (for example, [email protected]).


This attribute is opaque, targeted, and not human-friendly.  This value does not change for a user even if username, email, or names change.

displayName, givenName, sn

For students that have requested that their information be kept confidential, these attributes will be populated with the value "Name Withheld" or with the username of the student