What is Internet2?

Internet2 is a consortium of universities working in partnership with industry and government to develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies. OSU has been an Internet2 partner since 1999.

What does Internet2 do for me?

Internet2 members enjoy high speed connections to each other, enabling improved performance for bandwidth-intensive applications such as digital video, distributed learning, remote instrumentation and tele-immersion (virtual reality).

How do I use Internet2?

When you communicate with another institution that is an Internet2 member, your network traffic will flow over the faster Internet2 connection. Much of OSU's commodity traffic (i.e. traffic to large commercial sites such as Google, Amazon, etc.) is now also over I2 through the Commercial Peering Service.

Who are the members of Internet2?

There are many higher education members of Internet2, as well as corporate, governmental and international members. See the following for more information about the I2 community:

Where can I learn more about Internet2?

Learn more at http://www.internet2.edu

I have an application that could make use of Internet2. Who should I talk to?

Talk to your Department Computing Administrator (DCA), or contact Network Engineering for more information.