There are currently two directories on campus:

These two directories contain much of the same information, but they are not identical.

The OSU Online Directory currently contains records for everyone that has an ONID account (anyone officially associated with OSU). The OSU Online Directory is meant to be public and gets information from OSU's student and human resources system (Banner). Because the information in the Online Directory comes straight from Banner, it is generally very accurate.

The Exchange Global Address Book is a private directory visible only by people with accounts in OSU's Active Directory forest (Exchange users and all ONID users). It contains all the information from the OSU Online Directory (because ONID accounts are listed in it as well), plus a large number of Exchange accounts. All of the non-ONID information in Exchange is manually entered in a somewhat inconsistent way. This means that sometimes it is more accurate and sometimes it is less accurate than the Online Directory.

We are doing our best to bring these two directories closer together over time.

Configuring Your Email Client to Use the OSU Online Directory

This directory requires no authentication, and is very easy to configure. See the ONID documentation for more information.

Configuring Your Email Client to View the Exchange Global Address Book

If you are using Outlook in MAPI mode (this is how most users on campus use Outlook), you can automatically view the Global Address Book by clicking on the Address Book icon. There is no special configuration required.

If you are using a different email client, or Outlook in POP or IMAP mode, you will need to add the Global Address Book as an LDAP server in your client's settings. Please note the following caveats if you choose to use this directory via LDAP:

  • When accessing the Global Address Book via LDAP, you will not see the exact same information that Outlook users see. For example, you will see hidden objects that don't normally show up in the Outlook address book.
  • You can only connect to the Global Address Book via LDAP if you have an Active Directory account - authentication is required.
  • The LDAP server does not currently support secure communications, so your username and password will be passed in plain text. Consider using the VPN if you will be accessing the Global Address Book via LDAP from off campus.

To add the GAL to your Outlook 2007/2003 client first go to the Control panel. From the Control Panel double click on the Mail icon, click Show Profiles, select the profile you want to add the GAL to. Now with your profile selected click on Properties, E-mail Accounts, Address Book tab, New, LDAP, and put in the information below.

The settings needed to connect to the Global Address Book are as follows:

  • LDAP Server Name:
  • User Name: domain\username
  • Password: your password
  • Port: 3268
  • Search Base: leave blank

Where "domain\username" is an Active Directory domain and username.

Having trouble? Try setting your search base to dc=oregonstate,dc=edu