Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Scott Emery
University Information & Technology
Monday, May 10, 2021

The project team is charged with developing an OSU IT workforce plan. In doing so, the project team will develop, communicate, and implement a clear and consistent plan that’s in alignment with the OSU Talent Management Initiative (TMI), the performance management pilot project, and other related efforts. In this pursuit, the team will:

  • Perform a current state analysis of OSU’s IT workforce 
  • Perform a future state analysis, aligning business strategy with IT workforce requirements 

  • Define the gaps against the future state 

  • Form an action plan and formulate a strategy using the data collected from the current and future states

The final outcome of this project will be a written IT Workforce Plan that will include (a) an analysis of the current and future state of our IT workforce, (b) a gap analysis of these two states, and (c) recommendations for next-step actions. This will be the first such plan ever done for OSU IT.

Status Summary: 
  • Revised and expanded our project scope since the OSU IT winter 2021 plenary (see charter)
  • Identified a set of data points, covering classification & compensation, demographics, location, education, and other points to help inform the current state. The project team is developing a plan to pull this data.
  • Met with Michelle Lewis to discuss coordination plans for gathering skills & competency data for both the Portfolio Management Office (PMO) and the IT Workforce Plan. This coordination is done to ensure no duplication in effort.
    • The PMO needs to understand what skills & competencies our IT workforce has... so we can figure out how to align staff experience with our project/portfolio needs per the IT Roadmap.
    • The IT Workforce Planning Project Team needs to understand what skills & competencies our IT workforce has... so we can assess against the future state of our workforce and identify areas of professional development for our workforce at-large.


Recently Completed: 
  • Approved charter revisions, initial set of data points, and data principles document.
  • Initial discussions between the PMO and the IT Workforce project team to synchronize needs and discuss a collaborative path forward for gathering skills & competency information
  • Designing an analyst call with Info-Tech
What's Next: 
  • Agree on a plan for pulling the workforce class & comp, demographics, etc. data we've identified in our initial data points set.
  • Coordinate with the PMO, Performance Management Pilot project team, and other Talent Management Initiative (TMI) working groups to come up with a plan for gathering skills & competency info of our IT Workforce.
  • Analyst call with Info-Tech