There are two core themes to the investment strategy, achieving scale and enabling transformational experiences.

Oregon State University has embraced contemporary approaches for technology; mobile computing and cloud-based services are the norm. This serves OSU’s goals particularly well. Mobile enhancements untether faculty from the teaching podium to engage more directly with learners. Our learners, researchers, instructors, and workers not only gather and share data from our fields, forests, rivers, oceans and atmosphere, we collaborate with our colleagues in real time, be they on or off campus. Cloud services also enable anywhere, any time collaboration and work, providing useful and modern services that enable the learning, research and outreach activities of the OSU community.

As we enter 2016, we must build upon this momentum by creating an environment where each person can assemble a personalized learning and research experience from a well- selected set of tools and services. We will transform the university through a scaled and comprehensive approach that quickens the pace toward success, reducing overall expense and redundant effort even while allowing each person the flexibility to learn, teach, research and engage.

Technology and information occupy a critical role in a 21st century university and are an essential part of developing greater efficiencies in institutional and administrative functions. Greater accountability, enhanced expectations of a current generation, and growth in the development, management, and delivery of digital resources point to the expanding role that big data, analytics, and information technologies provide as a strategic and enabling asset.
- OSU Strategic Plan 3.0, 2015


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