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The TEDification of the Large Lecture

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Corinne Ruff | May 10, 2016
Oregon State University is among colleges that are redesigning arena classrooms and bringing higher production values to how they use them, to help keep students engaged.

NWCB 2016 Outstanding Projects

Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce

| April 29, 2016
From the outside, this fourstory, $65 million brick building looks like most campus buildings, but according to Michael Tingley of Boora Architects, "This is the most unique and sophisticated lecture hall in any university in the world."

Designing for the Active Classroom


Andrea Wilkerson, Amy Donohue & Bob Davis | February 2015
As teaching methods change in higher education, the architectural and lighting approaches for learning spaces should follow suit. Oregon State University provides examples.

OSU opens high-tech classroom building

Corvallis Gazette-Times

James Day | September 22, 2015
Oregon State University unveiled a gleaming new $65 million classroom building Tuesday to the oohs and aahs of students, faculty, staff and visitors.

It’s one smart building

Oregon Stater

Kevin Miller | Winter 2015
Back behind the Women’s Building and north of shiny new Austin Hall, a showcase of Oregon State’s commitment to help lead the way to more effective teaching is taking shape.