Classroom Presentation Equipment

SMS, Media Services, and Faculty Media Center are in constant communication with Classroom Tech Support to make sure instructors have the right tools for the right space.
If you are presenting in a classroom space and need additional equipment or assistance, please contact us and we'll connect you with the appropriate team to meet your needs.

Microphone Headset

While most classrooms should already have wireless microphones installed, using them with masks can present a challenge when it comes to clarity. If you or your students are having trouble understanding your presentation while using a mask, the next best solution is to bring the microphone as close to your face as possible. The headset microphone (seen below) is compatible with most* wireless microphone systems across campus.

The headset fits comfortably on any head and the microphone position can be easily adjusted.
Please note that these headsets are not compatible with all classrooms. Please contact SMS with questions regarding room compatibility. 

If you would like to check out or purchase one of these microphones for continual use in your classrooms, please follow the link below

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