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Watch the video for tips on:

  • Starting your poster
  • Finding images
  • Colors and design tips
  • Formatting information 
  • Presenting data
  • Saving and sending your poster for print


If your source file is less than 100 MB, please use our  Print Order Form to upload your file and place your print order online.

You will receive a confirmation email once your poster has been received and processed.


We really appreciate files submitted in their native format.
Please submit your files as PowerPoint, PDF, or Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign

(Refer to Fees and Info page for more details)

Please note our Print Production hours:
Monday - Friday 10am to 6pm

For files larger than 100 MB, please bring your file(s) on a USB stick or external hard drive to the SMS main desk, located in the Valley Library.



Printing services at SMS are reserved for Academic Projects only. 
Media Hub will gladly support Oregon State University class assignments, conferences, or research projects. 

SMS also supports OSU sponsored student organizations and clubs

 If your group name is listed in this official listing, then you are approved for our services

Approved Student Groups

Lamination and Foamcore mounting services are available for a fee.
Our lamination process does not include small documents. For lamination questions, please contact our front desk.

All OSU logos must meet Brand Identity Guidelines Media Hub will replace logos based on these guidelines.





Tips for Printing at Student Multimedia Services 


We try to make the printing process as easy as possible, but we know that digital files can be complicated. 
In this video we're going to break down some of the key points you should know before submitting a file for printing at Media Hub

If you have questions about your file, our services, or would like some design assistance, we always encourage you to drop us a phone call or e-mail
[email protected]
Front desk phone 


Policy Change for Campus Conferences

If you are submitting a poster for a large campus conference, ex: College of Engineering Senior Design Expo, Undergrad Research Symposium, etc;
normal production turn-around time may not apply.

Please refer to your specific event submission deadline
Submissions received after the event deadline may be subject to a Rush Fee ($50)

Frequently Asked Questions:


Where can I find OSU approved designs or templates? 


  • OSU Marketing has put together a great collection of free downloads. These include research poster templates, OSU logos, pictures, colors, and other graphic elements. Check out their page here

  • For other design help, check out our Print Consulting page for advice on colors, sizing, and more downloads 


When I turn in my poster, how long will it take for me to receive it?


  • Our turnaround time is two full business days*, Monday-Friday 10am to 6pm, excluding holidays and weekends.
    (Timeline Example: Person A submits a job at 3:00 pm on Friday, the job would be finished by 3:00 pm the following Tuesday. Person B submits a job at 5:10 pm on Friday, the job would be finished by 11:00 am the following Wednesday). 

    We strive to exceed this turnaround, but not guaranteed. Conferences, unexpected volume rushes, etc may increase the turnaround time due to resource limitations.
    Conferences, in particular, may be assigned special turnaround times---please refer to those specific event deadlines.  


If I need my poster sooner than 48 hours can I receive it sooner?


  • Depending on staff availability, a rush order may be possible for an additional fee of $50. The fee will be charged to your student or index account.


Can I bring in my own poster to be mounted or laminated? 


  • Yes. However we do not recommend submitting the original copy of the document to be mounted or laminated. We will do our best to complete your order, but there is a chance that the mounting or lamination process will be imperfect.
    We suggest creating a digital version of the file, and then submitting that document to us to be printed, then laminated, or mounted. 
Help! My file is not able to upload to the print order form. What's going on?


  • If your source file is less than 100 MB, please use our  Print Order Form to upload your file and place your print order. Posters created should be delivered as a PDF, TIF, or JPG format. For files larger than 100 MB, please drop off a thumb drive containing your file(s) at the Media Hub main desk in the Valley Library. 


Check out these helpful videos! 

Poster Myths Debunked


Clear up common misconceptions about printing and get your questions answered.

Printing Dos and Don'ts


Make sure to submit your file to SMS at least 2 days in advance of your due date! 
For more information about University Brand Guidelines Click Here

Printing for Clubs


Is your club or organization qualified for our services? Find out if you are registered below. If your group's name is on the list, you're approved!

Additional premium display types

The following add-ons are an additional cost 


A 1/4" plastic coating over your poster can protect it from water and make it last longer
Temporarily Unavailable


Foam Core Mounting

A 1/4" thick foam-core board will give your poster a professional look

Available Options: White/ Black

Trifold Foam Core Mount

Tri-fold mounting will allow your poster to stand on its own

Cost dependent on foam core color, and must have clear fold markers


Other Materials Available:

Photo Luster paper, Enhanced Matte paper, Photo Glossy paper, and lamination are also available.



Due to storage limitations, SMS cannot keep copies of electronic production files once a job is completed and cannot hold printed materials over 30 days. Customers are responsible for keeping copies of their production files and for picking up their orders within the 30 days of completion.  If order has not been pick-up, materials will be destroyed/recycled and any fee will be charge to customer's account.