Web Collaboration and Videoconferencing

Web collaboration and videoconferencing provide ways for individuals in multiple locations to interact via video and audio, often times using equipment from Polycom and Cisco. Such videoconferences generally occur in designated rooms that are equipped with cameras, audio systems and presentation technology.  Contact Media Services for room support of your virtual face-to-face meeting to enhance OSU teaching and learning, research, or other business at the University.

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Web Collaboration

Zoom is one of the most used web collaboration tools on the market today. In addition to providing standard web-conferencing features such as screen sharing, audio/video conferencing, file sharing, and IM chat, it provides the ability to include a room-based video conferencing endpoint into the session. 



Room Support

Media Services provides in room support for videoconference connections. We have a number of departmental rooms with integrated systems to better facilitate your videoconference. The advantage you gain when using Media Services for your videoconference is the ability to fully focus on your presentation and/or event while we manage the technical aspect of the connection in the room.

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Multipoint Videoconferencing

Bring your room to life using an existing video conference room system or a Zoom Room.  

Room Systems

Multisite Videoconferencing

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