The Oregon State University policy on Network Administration 08-010 can be found at This policy explicitly states that Information Services is responsible for the university network and empowers Information Services to manage the network in a secure manner. That responsibility includes ensuring all devices are appropriately authorized to be on the network and the authority to remove devices that compromise the security of the network or are in violation of university policy.

Information Services fully supports the use of the University's computing and networking resources by the OSU community. Information Services has a responsibility to ensure these resources are being used responsibly, and must be in a position to take corrective action should a problem occur.

OSU Mailing lists are currently hosted on Mailman. Information about this service can be found here:

IS will support mailing lists that meet the following guidelines:

  • Maintenance of the list is performed by a member of the faculty, staff, or student body who is the owner of the list. The owner confirms that the list meets the guidelines on this page. The owner is the contact in the event a system problem arises, or an abuse of the network is detected.
  • A list owner is designated to maintain the list, answer inquiries, track down address changes, remove subscribers who violate list guidelines, and remove addresses causing mail loops. When absent, the owner must ensure that an alternate performs these tasks.
  • The list owner (or alternate) must read mail regularly.
  • The purpose of the list is for OSU-related business.
  • Use of the list conforms to the Acceptable Use Policy of OSU.
  • In situations where the list is interfering with normal operation of the computer system or network, IS will notify the owner (or sponsor). IS will shut down the list if the problem is not corrected promptly.
  • In the event that a list is running without a list owner, due to a retirement or re-location, Information Services will contact the list and give a two week deadline to find a new owner. IS will have no alternative but to shut down the list if a new owner is not located within the two week period.
  • Lists that have received no new messages for 18 months or more will be archived. Archived lists will be maintained and can be restored for up to 18 months upon request to The OSU Computer Helpdesk.
  • Archived messages will be retained for 18 months.